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The Magic Maths Journey

The story of Magic Maths is actually a relatively short one, not something that came to me in a flash of inspiration, not something I had been diligently working towards for months but rather an idea from a complete stranger.

I was performing at a New Year / Birthday party in Porthleven, a 30 minute stand up show followed by Close Up around the Bar Area, the party was in full swing, the magic was getting fantastic reactions and at the end of a set I stopped to talk to one of the couples who had been watching.

“So how does it work”?

As a magician it’s a question that we get asked a lot, and so I have an answer ready to go.

“Magicians will use as many tools as we can, misdirection, sleight of hand, psychology, tension, drama, lies and even maths on occasion.”



“That’s really interesting, I am a headteacher at a Primary School and my kids would love to learn a Maths trick, could you teach them one”?

Two months later I visited Egloskerry Primary School and delivered the First Magic Maths Day and the reactions were amazing across the year groups.

Emma, the Head Teacher at Egloskerry then contacted CAPH to tell them of the day and what a great learning experience the children had, a day later I received an email from CAPH to arrange a meeting and show them the Maths Magic, a week later we met in Bodmin and Ian and Katie at CAPH loved it, booking me for the Breakfast meeting on the 14th June at the Atlantic Hotel.

Since then I have delivered a Magic Maths Day to two other Primary Schools and have bookings for a number of others, the reactions have been amazing, the children really engage and get involved. Magic by definition is interactive and visual, it shows what can be achieved when you work outside the box.

I quit my day job to become a full time Magician in March, a full three months after a conversation I have had a hundred timesbefore but never with a Primary Head Teacher. I want to present Magic Maths to as many schools as possible, to help children get excited about Maths, to help children be inspired by Maths and to show children how cool Maths can be when you approach Maths as a Magician.

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