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CAPH Breakfast Meeting 14th June, Atlantic Hotel, Newquay

I am really looking forward to meeting as many of the Primary Head Teachers in Cornwall as possible at the CAPH meeting in June. I will be there to entertain you, demonstrate some of the Magic Maths routines and answer all of your questions.

The Maths Magic Day can start with a Maths based show for the whole school, half an hour in length, 3 routines all demonstrating Maths in presentation and or method and one of these taught later to the pupils in their classrooms. These routines are presented alongside a talk about who I am and how a full time magician uses Maths in his job, the show also involves multiple children from the audience helping out.

In the classroom themselves I generally start with the Year 6 pupils and then work down through the school finishing at the end of the day with the Year 4 / 3 depending on class size. The classes are divided into groups of 5 – 10 children and we spend 20 minutes or more together learning 2 tricks.

Routines include Prime Numbers, Fractions, Rows and Columns, Magic Squares, Lightning Calculations, Addition, Subtraction and cool mathematical principles which can be presented as a Prediction or Mind Reading.

The beauty of Magic Maths is that there is no Magic in the traditional Sleight of Hand involved, all the tricks work with Maths, if you get the Maths correct then the routine will work every time. At the end of the day the children can take a new Maths trick home to fool their families.

I really look forward to meeting everyone at the CAPH meeting on the 14th June, if you have any questions before the meeting or want to arrange a Maths Magic Day then please let me know, you can email me at

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