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Process & Core Programs Magic Maths

Process & Core Programs


Magic Maths begins with a 20 minute assembly for the whole school explaining the key concepts of the day along with 3 interactive Maths based Magic routines for the pupils to enjoy before moving into bespoke classroom sessions.

Designed to encourage children to look at maths in a new and exciting way

To see how maths can be applied in areas they had not considered or imagined

To add the WOW factor and to turn each lesson into a group problem solving excercise 

Magic Maths uses tricks including prime numbers, fraction, addition, subtraction, rows and columns, along with lightning fast calculations and cool mathematical principles.

Magic Maths Core Programs

Core Programs

Magic Maths can be booked as single or multiple days either 'in school' or across Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Magic Maths can be bespoke timetabled to suit you and the classes you want to target. In an average 50 minute session we will cover 2 - 3 tricks, the Maths behind them and how that makes tricks work plus presentation, performance and new ideas to explore in later lessons or as homework. Magic Maths is a dynamic, group problem solving lesson which takes Maths out of the text book, off of the Whiteboard and into students hands with Dice, Playing Cards and Predictions which pupils can then perform for family and friends.

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