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  • What is Magic Maths?
    Magic Maths is an interactive, educational experience designed to engage students in Mathematics by teaching them Magic tricks that rely solely on Maths as their method.
  • Who is Magic Maths aimed at?
    Primarily KS2 and KS3 students although I can provide shorter KS1 sessions as part of the day.
  • How does a Magic Maths Day work?
    The day starts with an assembly Show for your school where I show 3 interactive Magic routines that rely on Maths for their method, this gives me a chance to introduce myself, set the scene for the day and get the students excited for the Magic Maths Sessions to come. The remainder of the day is then spent delivering Magic Maths Sessions in bespoke timetabled sessions to your pupils.
  • Can you tell me a little more about the classroom sessions?
    The classroom sessions can be bespoke timetabled to your school from 30 minute to 90 minutes and cover a number of Magic Tricks that rely on Maths to work covering the topics of Rows and Columns, Addition, Times Tables and Prime Numbers to name just a few.
  • Will you need any special equipment?
    Not really, decks of cards, dice and plain paper for the ticks them selves and a white board and dry wipe markers for the explanations. No power requirements at all.
  • Who am I?
    My name is Jon Martin, I am a full time Magician and member of The Magic Circle based just outside Falmouth. Most of my work is centered on Close Up Magic, Mentalism and Mind Reading for Corporate Entertainment (Amazon, Marshall Amps, Lidl, John Lewis…), Weddings and Charity Events across the UK. I also have a stand-up Magic, Comedy and Mentalism show for Holiday Parks and Social Clubs and Kids Magic and Balloon Show for ages 5 and up. I have full Public Liability and Enhanced DBS Certificates in place.
  • What do the students take away from Magic Maths?
    Magic Maths is about engaging both those students who are not confidant and don’t like Maths as well as those who want to explore and investigate Maths beyond the classroom. Each trick I teach only uses Mathematics, each time a student performs the routine they are using Maths, no sleight of hand or secret gimmicks, just Maths. Magic Maths is designed to show students the creativity of Maths by adding the WOW factor right in front of their eyes and then showing them that they already have all the knowledge they need to perform the same tricks to their friends and family.
  • How many schools have had a Magic Maths Day?
    So far 70+ schools across Cornwall and Devon have had a Magic Maths Day.
  • Do you offer online and home-schooled sessions?
    Of course, I offer Zoom or Microsoft Teams Sessions bespoke timetabled to your school day, during lockdown I took Magic Maths online for both Private tuition and Schools and provided sessions from Cornwall to Chicago.
  • What’s the price?
    A Magic Maths School Day is £295 (plus travel costs if your school is over 25 miles from Falmouth. The online Zoom sessions (50 minutes) are £45 each.
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