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Magic Maths Cornwall & Devon

Magic Maths is all about adding the WOW factor and engaging KS2 and KS3 pupils in Maths by teaching them Magic tricks that work completely on Maths, NO sleight of hand and NO Magicians secret knowledge, just the building blocks of Mathematical knowledge like addition, subtraction, Multiplication, Rows and Columns and Prime Numbers. A real example of low threshold high ceiling in your classrooms which all students get involved in.

The main objective of Maths Magic is to provide a new and exciting classroom experience through:

Paperclip Magic Maths

Teaching Mathematical principles in a fun and interactive way

Paperclip Magic Maths

To provide a reason and a framework to apply the Maths elements of the lessons

Paperclip Magic Maths

To ignite the imagination in relation to Maths

Paperclip Magic Maths

To add a visual aspect to the lesson

Karen Harrison - Parc Eglos Primary School (Maths Lead)

"Thank you so much for the most amazing day which you provided to support our Maths Week.  The children absolutely loved the assembly you delivered and came out buzzing out Maths, saying how cool it is!  The classroom sessions were really engaging and many children went home with ideas as to how to challenge their parents!  One of our year 6 classes got very involved in one 'maths magic trick' and this led to hours of mathematical research!"

Julia Pearce - Mabe Primary School (Maths Lead)

“Jon had the whole school captivated from the moment he began our Maths magic assembly. Following class sessions, children commented that the tricks were ‘absolutely amazing’ and they would ‘100% like him to come again!’ Mabe School could not recommend Jon enough. We are always looking for ways to make Maths inspirational and today truly hit the spot!"

Adam Richards -  Penponds Headteacher

"Jon spent the day at Penponds School working his magic from our reception class to the Year 6's. He enthralled the children with his knowledge of maths and how it can be incorporated into an entertaining performance liked to mathematical concepts . If you are after a enhanced curriculum maths day adapted 2to suit all abilities then look no further. The children loved it."
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